5 Emo bands people forgot about

When it comes to emo music, a few bands immediately come to mind. But what about the lesser-known groups that have been forgotten over time? Here is an exploration of five underrated emo bands from different eras in history:


1. Jawbreaker – One of the early pioneers of the genre, this group formed in 1990 and released several critically acclaimed albums throughout their career before disbanding in 1996. Their album '24 Hour Revenge Therapy' is widely considered a classic and has influenced countless other artists since its release. 

After releasing several albums and touring extensively, Jawbreaker officially split up in 1996. Since then, their frontman, Blake Schwarzenbach, has formed the band Jets to Brazil and Thorns of Life. While they never officially reunited until 2017 for a one-off show at Riot Fest in Chicago, their legacy as an influential emo band remains today.


2. The Get Up Kids – This Kansas City-based band was one of the most essential acts in the late-'90s/early-'00s pop punk/emo scene with their hit single 'I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel' becoming a staple for many fans at live shows at the time. They remain active today, occasionally releasing new material and performing reunion tours every so often. 

The Get Up Kids have continued to tour and perform since their initial breakup in 2005, most recently announcing new music for 2020. In addition, members James Dewees and Matt Pryor formed the band New Amsterdams while guitarist Jim Suptic led his solo project The Backup.


3. Thursday - While they gained some mainstream attention later on with their 2003 album War All The Time, this New Jersey-based quintet released plenty of fan favourites starting from 1997's Waiting which showcased their powerful lyrics and passionate delivery style that never failed to touch listeners' hearts worldwide even more so when they declared indefinite hiatus back in 2011 after 11 years together as one unit but made possible return three years later while still playing concerts where they keep honouring all great songs produced during regular activity period ever since 1998 up until 2012 when Full Collapse turned out being last studio effort by them 


4. Bright Eyes: This Omaha, Nebraska project created by Conor Oberst brought us some truly unique soundscapes combining folk-rock melodies with jagged electric guitar textures, primarily focusing on the indie alternative side within those territories delivered through multiple releases, including Digital Ash In A Digital Urn (2005) along with I'm Wide Awake It's Morning two years later plus Cassadaga (2007) just before the band had split shortly afterwards however despite that fact Oberst kept producing solo albums under original name leaving behind a legacy which lasted long enough for Bright Eyes making a comeback in 2020. 


5. Say Anything - Although major success came around 2006 after Is A Real Boy record got unleashed & received considerable acclaim among both fans & critics alike, allowing them thus establishing high profile presence via videos & interviews across media then forever immortalized song "Wow I Can Get Sexual Too" thanks partially due booming MySpace era, California act led by Max Bemis already crafted handful solid compositions way ahead time taking advantage of prevailing post-hardcore atmosphere created mid-2000's such examples like Pigeon Flying Away, Alive With The Glory Of Love or Every Man Has His Shame


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