Our Story

Here at 'Curtain Drawn Summer,' we are dedicated to keeping alt music lovers, old and new, feeling confident and individual in the new age of music and style.

"It wasn't just a phase, mom."

A Canada-based company founded since 2022, which focuses on the self-expression on the alternative scene.

We are a company that with words and style creates a community, a community that will share a love for the alternative scene. Any kind of scene, there is an accessorie or amazing outfit for you here! We love what we do and we are proud to express our induvidual style! 

Our team's passion for alternative music and style drives us to create the most exclusive and ever-changing alternative clothing and information website on the market. 

Curtain Drawn Summer is on a mission!

We are on a mission to become your exclusive alternative fashion clothing designer and supplier. We are supporting our global community's mental health by supplying you with outstandingly unique alt attire.

In Curtain Drawn Summer, we support mental health. To believe in yourself and express yourself freely it's important to us. That is how we want you to feel: free! 

Our goal is to be your number one location for alt clothing. We will keep the style alive by keeping the community safe. Our team works hard to supply the alt  subcultures with the most exciting and new styles.

We perform extensive quality research when creating alt fashion clothing for you. 

Emo was never a phase, and emo never dies!

Welcome to CDS; we are excited to have you with us. 

#curtaindrawnsummer ☠🔥🖤


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