Bring Me The Horizon: A Look Back at the Band's Musically Epic Journey 2004-2019

Formed in 2004, Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) has become one of the most beloved metalcore bands. From their early days as a melodic hardcore band from Sheffield to headlining festivals and selling out arena tours worldwide, BMTH has experienced an unforgettable journey filled with remarkable highs and outstanding low points.


The story begins with frontman Oliver Sykes and his bandmates forming Bring Me The Horizon after practicing together for months in their hometown of Sheffield. After signing with Visible Noise Records in 2004, they released two albums between 2004 and 2006—each showing further experimentation within punk rock and metalcore genres such as on tracks like "Pray For Plagues" & "No Need To Argue ."This was followed by a series of more successful releases starting with 2008's Suicide Season Album, which marked an ambitious shift towards heavier styles while exploring deeply personal themes—the album cover famously featuring Oli posing menacingly against an industrial backdrop complete with burning car tyres behind him - this quickly becoming staple image often used when referencing the band even today. In 2010 BMTH received critical acclaim for There Is A Hell, Believe Me, I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret, embracing both grunge & post-hardcore influences to craft something more significant than anything that had come before it.


Following this critically acclaimed release came 2013s Sempiternal, showcasing greater maturity through track titles such as 'Can You Feel My Heart' & 'Sleepwalking' making use of softer instrumentals, including pianos, while still maintaining heavy riffs throughout...However, despite this success, sempiternal did mark the end of what can only be described golden period for the group, signified by multiple awards and wins touring globally alongside artists ranging from Slipknot to Muse. Since then, BMTH has gone on to experiment with various musical landscapes fusing elements of hip hop, grime, and electronic pop/dance music into a signature sound resulting in a multi-platinum certified 5th album amo released late 2019. Although the genre is explored, there is always an underlying theme impulsively running through the core of each song, tackling topics of mental health, relationships, self-reflection & broad societal issues simultaneously, ultimately demonstrating the power connection built up between fans & artists over the last 15+ years.

In conclusion, no matter your age or gender, there will always be something special about connecting over our love, shared appreciation unique sound curated by Bring Me Horizon from day one until now.

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