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BMTH - Memorable Songs 

Since 2004, Bring Me the Horizon has brought us unbelievably relatable music as possibly one of history's most criticized rock bands. Yet, they somehow continuously deliver incredible material. Why they are at the end of so much stigma is an entirely different story from what will be discussed today. Because today is a celebration of one of the most consistent, loved, hated, eardrum killing, heart-string pulling, tear-duct jerking UK rock bands ever formed. We could sit here forever and discuss how integral they have been in the continuation and evolution of emo music but let's save it for another time.

Let's take a quick journey through some of the band's most iconic lyrics and explain why they're so memorable.


05 - Alligator Blood

Album: 'There Is a Hell Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven Let's Keep It a Secret'
Track: 07
Most memorable lyrics:


 "Put a gun to my head and paint the walls with my brain."


One of BMTH's most hardcore messaged songs. Alligator Blood jumps into the chart at number 5 of their most memorable songs. Whether you relate to the language in this track or not, it truly sticks in your mind. For example, you could be entirely against hardcore music of this style, but if you heard it, you simply wouldn't be able to forget it.

Bring Me The Horizon are known and admired for their wordplay and depiction of dark themes through their lyrics. This is entirely apparent in Alligator Blood. It's a hardcore track from start to finish in terms of poetry and music. 

Alligator Blood is a term used in poker to refer to a player resistant to physiological blows. Fitting perfectly with BMTH's reoccurring themes of overcoming life's struggles. 

Despite the lyrics being graphic about death, it could be argued that the song is about never giving up instead of the opposite. 'Go all in' is potentially the overlying theme intended when the track was written.

No matter what the main intention behind 'Alligator Blood' is, there is no question that it is one of Bring Me The Horizon's most memorable tracks for its energizing tone and scream-along-worthy vocals. For these reasons, it earned itself a respectable 5th place in this list. So how high would it rank in Bring Me The Horizons - Top Tracks To Get Hyped To?


04 - Mother Tongue

Album: Amo
Track: 11
Most memorable lyrics:


"No amount of words could ever find a way to make sense of this"


At number four, we have Mother Tongue. Again, a song from an album got negative backlash for being too much like pop music. Much like the album, this song is subject to debate, with the listener's stance seemingly being based on relatability.

There's no doubt that Mother Tongue is no more than a homage to love and finding the right person. There are no subtle themes of darkness that are usually present in BMTH songs. Instead, it is a none stop message of worship for your significant other.

The song is written by Oliver Sykes for his second wife, Alissa Salls. Sykes described it as.

"probably the most gushing, out-there, just straight-up love song we've ever written."

To Beats 1's Zane Lowe during an interview. So there is no surprise that the song and album created a divide among listeners. You can only assume that the supportive side could relate and those who disapproved of the style could not. Love has been a theme regularly depicted by the group, but to have them describe it in such a pure form hadn't been done yet.

Hear what Oli Sykes had to say about the lyrics in the video below:


03 - Drown

Album: That's The Spirit
Track: 09
Most memorable lyrics:


"It comes in waves.
I close my eyes
Hold my breath and let it bury me
I'm not OK, and it's not alright
Won't you drag the lake and bring me home again"


'Drown' is a massively iconic Bring Me The Horizon track; it's been loved by the masses since its release in 2015. Whether your preference is the original or the multiple live and acoustic versions, if you're aware of the band, you're aware of 'Drown.' For the reasons we will discuss in this segment, the track has earned itself a modest place in the top 3 most memorable Bring Me The Horizon songs.

Since its release, 'drown,' and the meaning behind the lyrics have been widely speculated. Some believe it is about depression, rehab, or addiction, and others believe it is about heartbreak. However, the beauty of the track is that it is open to interpretation by its audience and is possibly the best example of the band's relatability. 

At Curtain Drawn Summer, we believe it encapsulates all the abovementioned themes. In addition, although it was written from one person's perspective, we feel that its purpose was to become somewhat of an anthem for anyone coping with depression and all the things that create it.

Wherever your opinion lies about the song's true meaning, there is no question that it is a beautifully written and executed piece of art that has helped many people through times of despair and angst.  


02 - Diamonds Aren't Forever

Album: Suicide Season
Track: 07
Most memorable lyrics:


"I have lost, and I have loved
Sleep has stolen far too much
So don't close your eyes, not just yet
Sleep is just a cousin of death."


What would a Bring Me The Horizon top ranking list be without this timeless classic? I can say personally that it is undoubtedly the song that introduced me to the band in 2008; needless to say, it was love at first shattered eardrum.

'Diamonds Aren't Forever' is high energy from start to finish and could be the song that catapulted the band into alternative hearts. It has stood the test of time and is still regularly performed by the band during their 'Deathcore Medley,' so it should be. The vocals in this track are outstanding; every BMTH fan will have tried to replicate them at some point.

Much like most of the tracks on 'Suicide Season,' 'Diamonds Aren't Forever' lyrics are open to interpretation, giving the sense that the band was finding their way in the industry and perfecting the craft of songwriting. However, that does not take away from the fact that it has some of the most memorable lyrics. We believe the song is about constantly moving forward and not letting time pass you by. 

'Diamonds Aren't Forever' squeezes its way into second mainly due to its nostalgic value. Leaving only one place left in this particular ranking.  


01 - Follow You

Album: That's The Spirit
Track: 05
Most memorable lyrics:


"Cause I'm telling you, you're all I need
I promise you, you're all I see
'Cause I'm telling you, you're all I need
I'll never leave
So, you can drag me through hell If it meant I could hold your hand
I will follow you, 'cause I'm under your spell
And you can throw me to the flames I will follow you, I will follow you."


We did it; we made it through four incredible Bring Me The Horizon tracks to make it to Curtain Drawn Summer's top pick for memorable songs. 

I do not imagine that everyone will agree with the number one choice. But, again, it goes back to the relatability of the audience. Follow You depicts specific themes; it is more for the hopeless romantic listener. 

Much like Mother Tongue, Follow You is a love song but does bost darker themes. So it isn't shocking to know that it is used by alternative couples as an expression of love for each other. 

The choice of most memorable lyrics could quite easily have been the entire record. As this song is belted out by hundreds of thousands of adoring fans across the globe every year. It is a track like many Bring Me The Horizon songs that thrives off of audience collaboration. A true anthem for fans of the band.


"no matter how bad being together can sometimes get, the alternative is just so much worse" - Oliver Sykes.


A beautifully created piece of music, Follow You, sits comfortably as the champion of memorable lyrics. It has exceptional crowd engagement every time it is played, and it will remain timeless for future generations of Bring Me The Horizon fans.



That will be it for our debut blog here at Curtain Drawn Summer. We hope you have enjoyed our picks for BMTH's most memorable songs. If you have a different ranking or enjoyed this top 5, please get in touch; we would love to hear from you.

Stay Gold Forever!

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