The Invention Of Heavy Metal - The Trend Setters, The Posers & Beyond!

Heavy metal music was born in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a branch of hard rock, but it has been argued that Led Zeppelin was the first band to popularize this unique genre. Over time, bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Judas Priest pushed boundaries further and helped pave the way for what we now know as “heavy” or “thrash” metal.


Led Zeppelin were among the earliest bands to contribute to the creation of heavy metal. Their songs blended blues and psychedelia into a heavier sound, with distorted riffs, loud drums, powerful vocals and elements of improvisation. Led Zeppelin also experimented with time signatures and tempos, as well as sonic textures created by multiple guitarists playing in unison. They used this combination of techniques to craft their own style, which was both innovative and influential for later rock musicians. Led Zeppelin's music helped pave the way for modern forms of heavy metal, inspiring countless artists over the decades since then.


Black Sabbath is widely credited as the first band to create what we now know as "doom" or "heavy" metal. They were pioneers in using distorted riffs, atonality and slower tempos in their music. In addition to creating a new genre, Black Sabbath also experimented with blending other musical styles, such as jazz, classical and psychedelic rock, into their sound. Their aggressive approach pushed the boundaries of heavy metal further than ever before and made them a significant influence on future musicians across many genres.


Deep Purple are often credited with taking heavy metal to the next level by creating blistering guitar solos backed up with fast drums and aggressive vocals. This style of music was dubbed “thrash” metal and has become a mainstay in modern rock music. Deep Purple's influence can be heard in bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax, who all pushed their own boundaries while keeping true to the classic sound pioneered by Deep Purple.


Though several bands claim to have invented heavy metal, such as Blue Cheer and Atomic Rooster, which both released their versions of the genre in 1968, they were generally dismissed by fans and critics alike. It wasn't until Led Zeppelin's debut album in 1969 that heavy metal was widely accepted as a legitimate form of rock music with its sound and style. This paved the way for Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Judas Priest to refine further what we now consider "true" heavy metal music.


Throughout its history, heavy metal has evolved and changed in countless ways. From Led Zeppelin to Deep Purple to Black Sabbath and beyond, this genre of music has inspired musicians everywhere to create their unique sounds while still maintaining a common thread throughout. As Ozzy Osbourne said, “Heavy metal will never die” – and it hasn't. Heavy metal continues to thrive today as an ever-evolving force that unites fans across generations and around the world.

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