'When We Were Young Festival' Free Ticket Giveaway.

This brief information report will highlight some questions you may have been asking about the two-ticket giveaway. We will also highlight some of the reasons that this is possible. Finally, there have been some questions about the legitimacy of the ticket giveaway, and we would like to explain the upsetting truth as to why it is happening.

Firstly here are some key points and dates about the giveaway.

Step 1- Follow all of the instructions that lead you here (if you are reading this, then congratulations, you are that much closer to winning the tickets)

Step 2- keep showing your love and support for Curtain Drawn Summer.

Step 3: Be patient! The winner of the contest will be selected on September 30th, 2022.

Step 4: We will contact you with the good news if you are the lucky winner. We will also ask your permission to tag you on social media on October 1st, 2022, as the winner of the two tickets.

Step 5: We will be sending you the tickets electronically in time for this fantastic event.

Step 6: We will send you some Curtain Drawn Summer merch and hope you would be kind enough to represent our brand at the show and take some pictures of you and your lucky friend having a great time!

Step 7: Enjoy yourself and make some memories that will last forever! :)


Now I would like to explain why we are giving the tickets away:

As you may have gathered, we live and breathe emo music and the alternative lifestyle at Curtain Drawn Summer. So as you can imagine, we could not believe our luck when we first saw the lineup for 'When We Were Young'. And that moment, we saw the most incredible confirmation email we could have asked for—a lifetime of waiting for a moment like this.

We were over the moon! We spoke excitingly about the possibility of finally seeing such a perfect emo lineup. One moment that would echo through the ages as a moment in history. We fantasized about sharing a memory that would last us a lifetime. A moment, years from now, those who were in attendance would tell their loved ones, "We were there," "When We Were Young 2022," "It never happened before, and it will never happen again," and so on. 

It almost felt too good to be true… which, unfortunately, in our case, it was.

Because the harsh reality is this, Curtain Drawn Summer is a Canadian-based company, and due to heartbreaking immigration rules to the United States.. we could not be granted entry to the US in time. No matter how badly we craved it or dreamt that things were different. It was what it was.

We sat idle for months. Unsure of what we could do. We were trying to figure out alternatives to the reality we desperately tried to forget. 


Us- "We could sell the tickets?"

Also, us- "That does not feel right."


Us- "We could fly to our home countries and apply for visas there?"

Also, "Flying is too expensive now, and we bought the tickets with our savings."


Us-"We could stop time until our visas arrive?"

Also, us- "Now you're just being silly."


Us- "We could give them away randomly to an emo music lover and supporter of Curtain Drawn Summer as a token of appreciation and a sign of future things to come to our followers?"

Also, us-" (Pause) (Longer pause) Now that does feel right, it isn't too expensive, and we aren't being silly" "Let's do it."


So that is where we ended up, and that is where we are now. Because why not gift someone the opportunity to share that moment with someone special? To have that moment to cherish forever. To celebrate what is years in the making. A brief moment in time where some of our most treasured emo bands black their eyes and hit the stage for what is going to be an insanely nostalgic and hope-creating festival.

If we can give someone this gift, it will all be worth it. An opportunity for someone to tell their future generations that. "We were there."

"When We Were Young"

And if that's not convincing enough, then here's a screenshot of the ticket confirmation. 

Thank you,


The Curtain Drawn Summer team.



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