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Curtain Drawn Summer

Black Diamond Ring

Black Diamond Ring

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Show Your True Colors and Express Your Unique Style with Curtain Drawn Summer Emo Jewelry!

The perfect accessory for those who want to show off their unique personalities, Curtain Drawn Summer offers a wide selection of alternative rings for men and women. Whether you have a dark, gothic, punk, or emo style – there’s something here for everyone.

Our rings are made from titanium steel and come in various sizes—so it’s easy to find the right fit. Simply wrap a string around your finger base; then measure the string with a ruler (in millimeters) to find your size on our ring size chart.

Not only will these rings accessorize your look—they also tell an important story about you. Every time you buy one of our products at Curtain Drawn Summer, we donate part of the proceeds towards mental health initiatives that support children around the world. So help us spread awareness while looking great!

Plus, every item is exclusive and only available for a limited time—so be sure to act fast before it's gone! Show off your true colors today with Curtain Drawn summer: where ‘Emo was never a phase…and Emo never dies!'

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