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Goth Lover Hooded Jacket

Goth Lover Hooded Jacket

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This fascinatingly designed hooded jacket looks great for any occasion. It allows you to stay true to yourself and have an alternative lifestyle.

This jacket is perfect for any occasion due to its lightweight and transportable size. You'll have no issue if it has to be taken off and put back on multiple times in the day. Keep the Gothic Style burning!

Material: Cotton
Material: Polyester

Be you!

size bust Length Sleeve shoulder
S 92 69 55 38
M 96 70 56 39
L 100 71 57 40
XL 104 72 58 41
XXL 108 73 59 42
3XL 112 74 60 43
4XL 116 75 61 44
5XL 120 76 62



Curtain Drawn Summer gives away magic and darkness!

You need a witchy magical goth outfit to fit your strong personality.

And we want to be your exclusive witchy goth clothing designer and supplier, as you help us support our global community's mental health with every purchase.

Every time you buy a product with Curtain Drawn Summer, your purchase helps a child in need of mental health support.

Our goal is to offer an extensive range of magic goth clothing and accessories for witches. We will keep the style alive by keeping the community safe. Our team works hard to keep alive the modern witchcraft gothic style with the most exciting and new styles. Oh, My Goth!

Every item is exclusive and only available for a limited time, so we make sure it lasts!

Be Magic, Be Darkness, Be You!

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