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Curtain Drawn Summer

Pantone High Heels

Pantone High Heels

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Introducing Pantone High Heels, a fusion of European and American styles with a touch of elegance, exclusively from Curtain Drawn Summer. These captivating heels feature a sleek closed design, ensuring a secure fit with every step. Available in sizes ranging from 35 to 44, there's a perfect fit for everyone. These heels exude sophistication with a classic plain pattern and shallow mouth design. The super high heel elevates your stature and adds an irresistible allure to your look. Choose from striking color options including green and yellow, available in both 10cm and 12cm heights, to suit your style preferences. Crafted with a fine heel and a durable rubber sole, these heels offer both style and stability. Step into confidence and elevate your ensemble with Pantonne High Heels from Curtain Drawn Summer.

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